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On Sunday mornings, we encourage you to come at 9:30 to meet and converse with people not too different from yourself.

When you first walk into RockWood Church, you'll enter a relaxed atmosphere of friendly people who, in due time, will point you to a table of delicious, homemade food and fresh coffee. If you have children, you can check them in before worship starts.

Once inside the sanctuary, expect to hear from God's Word, not some preacher's opinion, but the unadulterated truth of God and His Son, Jesus. Expect to be accepted despite your past. Expect to be free from condemning words or ideas, for we believe that Jesus did not come into the world to condemn us, but to save us. Expect to encounter people who don't pretend their lives are perfect, but rather they openly admit their brokeness and seek the One who can fix them. You see, when you come to Christ by faith, you will experience HIS forgiveness and then you will live a life of freedom. Expect to be loved.

If you need/want prayer, let us know before or after service. We always welcome you to come up to the pastors or board members and ask for prayer.